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We, ExcelNet Total HR Solutions, hereinafter called “ExcelNet” believe that everyone has a right to privacy and therefore we are committed to protect the right of all those who communicate and entrust their data with us, including our clients and the applicants / candidates.


As a renowned Human Resource agency and an employer, it is inevitable to obtain and keep sensitive personal data and information from applicants / candidates and employees as well as our clients. Without which ExcelNet will not be able to function as a HR agency that we are registered under the relevant legislation of Hong Kong. This Privacy Policy gives a guideline as to how ExcelNet handle the sensitive personal data and information received through various means, mainly, collected from job seekers whether in person, through application forms, mail, email or fax, or through our websites. ExcelNet endeavour to maintain our policy to a high standard and undertake to keep all personal data safe in compliance with the legal requirements. All data collected in Hong Kong, Singapore and China shall comply with the local Personal Data law.

Collection of Personal Information

All personal data and information is provided to us by job seekers on a voluntary basis. Such personal data / information may include name, contact details, skills, academic qualifications, nationality and ethnic background, level of disability, if any, languages spoken, professional body membership or accreditations, employment history, achievements, interests, bank details and any other information provided. ExcelNet will only use the personal information collected for the purpose specified and as agreed at the time of collection, or otherwise as set out in the Privacy Policy.

Use and Storage of Personal Information

ExcelNet will only use the personal information we collected for the agreed purposes. ExcelNet will not disclose or release any personal data / information to our clients or other parties without consent of the owners of the data / information except under the following circumstances :

(i) sharing it with affiliate company, who also has a duty not to disclose and release such data / information; and

(ii) replying to enquiries raised by any person who has a legal or regulatory power to comply disclosure

ExcelNet undertake to store all personal data / information on a secured system that can be only accessed by authorised employees. The data / information will only be used for job matching ensuring all applicants / candidates are given the equal opportunity to employment based on their potential and suitability. The authorised members of stall will also conduct review of the backgrounds of all applicants / candidates and offer advice to increase their employability.


ExcelNet employ professional IT personnel to maintain the stability of the IT system. One of the objectives is to ensure all personal data / information is stored in a secured environment which is not assessable by unauthorized personnel.

However, we appreciate that the data / information provided to us via the internet cannot be guaranteed free from interference by hackers, we therefore cannot accept liability for any data / information interfered by third party or parties during or in the process of its transmission. For safety of internet communication, please take all necessary steps to prevent the system being hacked into and from time to time clear the cookies folder on the computer.

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